CO/OP Cafe and Gift Shop in Metro Home Magazine

Easily one of my favorite places to go to (even if I’ve been there only 3 times). It’s a great space to drink coffee and buy something for yourself. CO/OP is located at 189 A. Mabini St. San Juan.

Metro_Home_COOP_jarconcengco_01 Metro_Home_COOP_jarconcengco_02



In my case, I bought my son a “Didi” backpack which he brings with him everywhere. 3 different case instances where he dons the bag:

IMG_6947 IMG_7188 IMG_7218



Here are some outtakes from the shoot:

Metro_Home_COOP_jarconcengco_03 Metro_Home_COOP_jarconcengco_04 Metro_Home_COOP_jarconcengco_05 Metro_Home_COOP_jarconcengco_06


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