People Asia’s People Of The Year Dec 2014 – Jan 2015

I had the pleasure to photograph 3 of the People Asia People Of The Year awardees. Here was their cover: People Asia 2015 Among the awardees that I was able to photograph was CEO of RCBC, Mr. Lorenzo Tan:People_Asia_Lorenzo_Tan_jarconcengco01People_Asia_Lorenzo_Tan_jarconcengco02 President of St. Luke’s Medical Center, Mr. Edgardo Cortez, MD:People_Asia_Ed_Cortez_jarconcengco01People_Asia_Ed_Cortez_jarconcengco02   CEO and President of SM Prime Holdings, Mr. Hans Sy:People_Asia_Henry_Sy_jarconcengco01People_Asia_Henry_Sy_jarconcengco02Thank you to Stargate People Asia for the wonderful opportunity! Grooming for Mr. Sy: Sari Campos Grooming for Mr. Tan and Dr. Cortez: Carmie Locsin Follow me: facebook, twitter, instagram


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