Metro Home – Home Dream Home

Here’s a beautiful home that I photographed for Metro Home. The Sinoro family’s Bali-inspired home designed by the Almario sisters:

Metro_Home_Sinoro_House_jarconcengco_01 Metro_Home_Sinoro_House_jarconcengco_02 Metro_Home_Sinoro_House_jarconcengco_03 Metro_Home_Sinoro_House_jarconcengco_04 Metro_Home_Sinoro_House_jarconcengco_05

Gen Sinoro and her daughter:

Metro_Home_Sinoro_House_jarconcengco_06 Metro_Home_Sinoro_House_jarconcengco_07 Metro_Home_Sinoro_House_jarconcengco_08 Metro_Home_Sinoro_House_jarconcengco_09

I found their powder room sink to be so interesting. The faucet is hanging from the ceiling:


Here’s a closer look:

Metro_Home_Sinoro_House_jarconcengco_11 Metro_Home_Sinoro_House_jarconcengco_12

The natural light in the entertainment room is amazing:

Metro_Home_Sinoro_House_jarconcengco_13 Metro_Home_Sinoro_House_jarconcengco_14

As you walk up to the 2nd floor, you get introduced to the enormous chandelier:

Metro_Home_Sinoro_House_jarconcengco_15 Metro_Home_Sinoro_House_jarconcengco_16

Of course, here’s a cloer look:

Metro_Home_Sinoro_House_jarconcengco_17 Metro_Home_Sinoro_House_jarconcengco_18

This is their guest room right by the swimming pool. Interestingly enough, the room actually smelled citrusy:



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