Architect Carlos Arnaiz in Metro Home

Had the chance to meet a talented architect who has been making large strides in the architectural world lately. If you follow architecture blogs, you may have seen one of his projects called 100 Walls Church. His name is Carlos Arnaiz of CAZA Architects. The portrait I took of him for Metro Home & Entertaining Magazine was recently published: Metro_Home_Carlos_Arnaiz_CAZA_jarconcengco_01 Metro_Home_Carlos_Arnaiz_CAZA_jarconcengco_02 And if you’ve been to SM Megamall’s Fashion Hall, chances are you’ve seen some of his work face to face. He designed the ice skating rink: Metro_Home_Carlos_Arnaiz_CAZA_jarconcengco_03 Metro_Home_Carlos_Arnaiz_CAZA_jarconcengco_04 Metro_Home_Carlos_Arnaiz_CAZA_jarconcengco_05 Metro_Home_Carlos_Arnaiz_CAZA_jarconcengco_06 Metro_Home_Carlos_Arnaiz_CAZA_jarconcengco_07 Metro_Home_Carlos_Arnaiz_CAZA_jarconcengco_08 The IMAX Theater: Metro_Home_Carlos_Arnaiz_CAZA_jarconcengco_09 Metro_Home_Carlos_Arnaiz_CAZA_jarconcengco_10 Metro_Home_Carlos_Arnaiz_CAZA_jarconcengco_11 Metro_Home_Carlos_Arnaiz_CAZA_jarconcengco_12 And the Bowling Alley: Metro_Home_Carlos_Arnaiz_CAZA_jarconcengco_13 Metro_Home_Carlos_Arnaiz_CAZA_jarconcengco_14 Metro_Home_Carlos_Arnaiz_CAZA_jarconcengco_15 Metro_Home_Carlos_Arnaiz_CAZA_jarconcengco_16 Metro_Home_Carlos_Arnaiz_CAZA_jarconcengco_17 Metro_Home_Carlos_Arnaiz_CAZA_jarconcengco_18   follow me for updates and adventure: facebook, twitter, instagram (@campfiremedia) 


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