Vintage Restore

You may have seen Vintage Restore‘s amazing restorations of vintage or worn out designer bags and shoes online. See here. And here. And here! They take great care of your items (Believe me, I know. My wife is a client!)

I was able to photograph their artisans in action:

Vintage_Restore_photos_by_jar_concengco_01 Vintage_Restore_photos_by_jar_concengco_02 Vintage_Restore_photos_by_jar_concengco_03 Vintage_Restore_photos_by_jar_concengco_04 Vintage_Restore_photos_by_jar_concengco_05 Vintage_Restore_photos_by_jar_concengco_06 Vintage_Restore_photos_by_jar_concengco_07 Vintage_Restore_photos_by_jar_concengco_08 Vintage_Restore_photos_by_jar_concengco_09 Vintage_Restore_photos_by_jar_concengco_10

Do you have a designer bag that can benefit from a facelift? Don’t hesitate to call them up or visit them at their three locations:

Jupiter St., Makati Branch:


Podium Branch:


White Plains, QC Branch:


Check their website for full contact details and Branch info:

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