Purple Yam: Home Cooked

When People Asia asked me to photograph Amy Besa of Purple Yam Malate, I smiled to myself. I knew it was going to be another insightful shoot with creative and delicious dishes like when I shot her menu for a holiday feast for Smile Magazine.

True enough, it was another wonderful experience with interesting dishes like a nori taco and champoy ice cream. Amy’s working with such a bright team in the kitchen and it shows how well they collaborate.


A nori taco (nori turned into a crispy vessel) filled with mushroom , tomatoes, and lettuce).People_Asia_Purple_Yam_jar_concengco03 People_Asia_Purple_Yam_jar_concengco02


Since it was Chinese New Year when I shot this, they had a squash tikoy (I can eat this all day everyday) and champoy ice cream (surprisingly so good!).


The team at Purple Yam Malate, Amy Besa, writer Doug Candano, the People Asia Team (Monica and Chino) and I:People_Asia_Purple_Yam_jar_concengco05


I was also able to finally get my own copy of Amy Besa’s book, Memories of Philippine Kitchens:Purple_Yam_jar_concengco06

With a dedication of course:Purple_Yam_jar_concengco07


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