Metro Home – Zambawood

Photographing for magazines really gets you places. And they get you there even before their readers! One place in particular that I will never forget was Zambawood in Zambales. It wasn’t only a beautiful architecture with attentive and well-trained staff, but it had heart. I took these photos for Metro Home & Entertaining Magazine. Some of these are outtakes. Metro_Home_Zambawood_jar_concengco05Metro_Home_Zambawood_jar_concengco01 Metro_Home_Zambawood_jar_concengco02 Metro_Home_Zambawood_jar_concengco13 Metro_Home_Zambawood_jar_concengco14

A painting by the owner of Zambawood, Rachel Harrison. Metro_Home_Zambawood_jar_concengco15 Metro_Home_Zambawood_jar_concengco16 Metro_Home_Zambawood_jar_concengco17 Metro_Home_Zambawood_jar_concengco18 Metro_Home_Zambawood_jar_concengco21 Metro_Home_Zambawood_jar_concengco20 Metro_Home_Zambawood_jar_concengco19Metro_Home_Zambawood_jar_concengco03Metro_Home_Zambawood_jar_concengco04Metro_Home_Zambawood_jar_concengco06

For their guests, they set up a cabana by the beach so you can watch the sun set along the horizon. Metro_Home_Zambawood_jar_concengco07Metro_Home_Zambawood_jar_concengco08Metro_Home_Zambawood_jar_concengco09Metro_Home_Zambawood_jar_concengco10Metro_Home_Zambawood_jar_concengco11Metro_Home_Zambawood_jar_concengco12

Rachel Harrison, owner of Zambawood:


The reason for Zambawood: Rachel’s son, Julyan who is living with Autism. IMG_0503aMetro-Home-Zambawood

This place was one of those places that I thought to myself, “I have to return and bring my wife and kids here. This is just amazing.” So for mother’s day, I decided to do just that! We gathered some close friends with their families and went together.

See Rachel and Julyan’s story here in a feature on Saksi:

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