Metro Home & Entertaining: Jim and Lydia Paredes’ Home

In the latest issue of Metro Home & Entertaining Magazine‘s Nesting feature, you’ll get a peek inside Jim and Lydia Paredes’ home in QC.


Before the writer got to interview them, they mentioned to me how much work this house took to build since it was made of salvaged wood. They wanted to make a Filipino house that wasn’t “creepy” (you and I know how older Filipino houses can be so creepy). So this is how they interpreted that: a lot of windows and natural light married with wood.


There was a bahay kubo on the side of the house.


And when I asked Jim where in the house was his favorite spot, he said this spot:


He loves spending mornings with a cup of coffee here on this porch:


Look at the amazing details around the house:

Metro_Home_Jim_Paredes_jar_concengco_06 Metro_Home_Jim_Paredes_jar_concengco_07 Metro_Home_Jim_Paredes_jar_concengco_08

Inside the room enclosed in glass were bright pops of color (which I think helps making a Filipino house a lot more modern):

Metro_Home_Jim_Paredes_jar_concengco_10 Metro_Home_Jim_Paredes_jar_concengco_14

Jim’s photograph of his granddaughter hangs on the wooden cladded walls:


I loved the bathrooms. So much natural light came in them! And this rock was poetic:Metro_Home_Jim_Paredes_jar_concengco_12 Metro_Home_Jim_Paredes_jar_concengco_13

And if you ever wondered about what the Paredes’ read:Metro_Home_Jim_Paredes_jar_concengco_15

A portrait of Jim on his guitar:Metro_Home_Jim_Paredes_jar_concengco_16

Lydia Paredes:


Please pick up the latest Metro Home and Entertaining for the full article written by Gay Ace Domingo and more photos by me.

On a final note, I found these interesting wall climbing plants in their garden. Loved them! What’s the name of this plant? I want!



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