Smile Magazine – Treasures Of The Field

I was able to work with restaurateur Amy Besa of Purple Yam Malate once again for Smile Magazine‘s September 2015 issue. Ever since the first time I met Amy, I knew she had a passion for indigenous ingredients. She loved sharing this passion with others. She really believed how rich the Philippines was when it came to food (Congrats by the way to Purple Yam Malate for being one of the 3 Philippine restaurants to make it to Daily Meal’s 101 Best Restaurants in Asia for 2015!)

So it was really wonderful to be able to photograph this series to concentrate on the ingredients she feels needs to be rediscovered. Please click here for the article by Aurora Almendral.

All photos mine except for the opener (Styled by Tata Mapa):

Smile Magazine Ingredients 1  Smile Magazine Ingredients 2Smile Magazine Ingredients 3 Smile Magazine Ingredients 4Smile Magazine Ingredients 5 Smile Magazine Ingredients 6

This Wild Cassia was like smelling a different type of cinnamon. So interesting. You can grate it on top of stews or even your hot chocolate:

wild cassia

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