Yellow Doors Hostel in Tacloban

When you think of Tacloban, the first thing that might pop into your head is Typhoon Yolanda (internationally known as Typhoon Haiyan). Or you might know Tacloban because it’s where General MacArthur landed during the Japanese Occupation:


It’s been about two years since the wreckage, and I had the opportunity to see how the city was recovering.


I documented a group of young individuals from all over Asia as they studied disaster preparedness and disaster risk reduction. They are a part of the HANDs project.

Hands Project 2015

I joined them on their trip to Tacloban and I was excited to see Yellow Doors Hostel in person (I read about it first in Metro Home Magazine).

After the storm, many NGOs from all over the world came over to help out. Tacloban, however didn’t have too many hotels or places for these people to stay in. So Jacques and Trixie Palami (natives to Tacloban) decided to rent out a part of a building and turn it into a hostel. At first, some guests helped with building and decorating the hostel in return for a night’s stay. They used salvaged material from the storm and reused them to build the space.

Yellow_Doors_Hostel_01 Yellow_Doors_Hostel_02 Yellow_Doors_Hostel_03 Yellow_Doors_Hostel_04

Joy of Thailand relaxing in the common area:Yellow_Doors_Hostel_05 Yellow_Doors_Hostel_06 Yellow_Doors_Hostel_07 Yellow_Doors_Hostel_08 Yellow_Doors_Hostel_09 Yellow_Doors_Hostel_10 Yellow_Doors_Hostel_11 Yellow_Doors_Hostel_12 Yellow_Doors_Hostel_13 Yellow_Doors_Hostel_14 Yellow_Doors_Hostel_15 Yellow_Doors_Hostel_16 Yellow_Doors_Hostel_17 Yellow_Doors_Hostel_18 Yellow_Doors_Hostel_19 Yellow_Doors_Hostel_20 Yellow_Doors_Hostel_21 Yellow_Doors_Hostel_22 Yellow_Doors_Hostel_23 Yellow_Doors_Hostel_25


The roofdeck:

Yellow_Doors_Hostel_26 Yellow_Doors_Hostel_27 Yellow_Doors_Hostel_28 Yellow_Doors_Hostel_29 Yellow_Doors_Hostel_30 Yellow_Doors_Hostel_31 Yellow_Doors_Hostel_32

Jacques Palami telling us the Yellow Doors Hostel story:

Yellow_Doors_Hostel_33 Yellow_Doors_Hostel_34


The place was so quaint and warm. And it was such a gem to find it in a place like Tacloban.

All photographs by jar concengco for Japan Foundation Manila.

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