Smile Magazine October 2015 – Super Bowls


It’s finally November – my birthday month! October was a whirlwind for me: not only was I able to travel to Tacloban and to Germany for work, but my wife asked if I wanted to spend my birthday in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam! When I wrote for my contributor’s page in Smile Magazine October 2015, we didn’t have plans yet for Vietnam. So it was pretty foreshadowing. This is what I said:


Smile Magazine Oct 15

So you can imagine how stoked I am to be traveling to Vietnam this month!

For Smile Magazine Oct 2015 issue, I was tasked to photograph some of comfort soups of our culture. And we went to Wooden Spoon in Kapitolyo to get the master advice of Sandy Daza. (P.S., I love it when the photographer and stylist gets to taste everything after!) Styled by Tata Mapa:


Smile Magazine Super Bowls 01

Pacit Molo –

Smile Magazine Super Bowls 02

Sinigang (this one used guava) –

Smile Magazine Super Bowls 03

Sinampalukang manok –

Smile Magazine Super Bowls 04

Binakol –

Smile Magazine Super Bowls 05

La Paz Batchoy –

Smile Magazine Super Bowls 06

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