Germany Part 1: Wetzlar, Day and Night

About 3 weeks ago, Leica brought me to Germany (make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the next issue of Vault for my coverage). It was my first time to Europe and to be quite honest, I thought my first European city would be something like Paris or London or Athens. But since I was here for official business, I really just let myself be surprised.

We were to stay in Wetzlar (where Leica was born), a small, quiet town about an hour drive north of Frankfurt.

wetzlar_jar_concengco_01 wetzlar_jar_concengco_02

We stayed at Michel Hotel Wetzlar. It was walking distance to the old town which was nice.wetzlar_jar_concengco_03

Loved the fixtures in the bathroom.


This was a storefront on the way to Wetzlar’s old town.wetzlar_jar_concengco_05 wetzlar_jar_concengco_06 wetzlar_jar_concengco_07 wetzlar_jar_concengco_08 wetzlar_jar_concengco_09 wetzlar_jar_concengco_10

Wetzlar’s cathedral:

wetzlar_jar_concengco_11 wetzlar_jar_concengco_12

A small store in the old town:


Within the old town, you’re sure to come across this spot where Oskar Barnack first used the UR-Leica back in 1914.


It was this same shot that I tried to replicate. You’ll notice that the same buildings are there after a hundred years!


It was chilly that day, so seeing this cafe offering blankets looked so inviting. Too bad we were quite in a hurry and we couldn’t stop to enjoy a cup of joe just yet.wetzlar_jar_concengco_16 wetzlar_jar_concengco_17

Wetzlar is also known because it’s where German poet Goethe stayed for a bit. He stayed in this green building on the 2nd floor:


The old bridge in Wetzlar (Alte Lahnbruecke):wetzlar_jar_concengco_18

On my last night, I got to go out myself and retrace my steps back into the old town and take some night shots:

wetzlar_night_jar_concengco01 wetzlar_night_jar_concengco02 wetzlar_night_jar_concengco03 wetzlar_night_jar_concengco04 wetzlar_night_jar_concengco05

Please check back for the next parts of my Germany trip on the blog which will include: Braunfels Castle, Marburg, Leitz Park, and Frankfurt!

See Germany Part 2 here.

If you can’t wait for that, you can take a peek at my video of my whole trip:

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3 Responses to “Germany Part 1: Wetzlar, Day and Night”
  1. Naz A Reno says:

    …beautiful night shots

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