Germany Part 2: Braunfels Castle and Marburg University Town

This is part 2 of my Germany trip. See Part 1 here.

I created a little video of my whole trip in Germany here:

Braunfels Castle is about a 30-minute drive west of Wetzlar. And you get a glimpse of its towers on the drive there. This is the entrance to Braunfels Castle:

braunfels_castle_jar_concengco_01 braunfels_castle_jar_concengco_02

It was nice to see these vines crawling up on the walls. braunfels_castle_jar_concengco_03 braunfels_castle_jar_concengco_04

This was the courtyard of the castle.braunfels_castle_jar_concengco_05

The royal family still lives in this castle which is why part of it is private. If I remember correctly, they are on their 21st generation. Our guide told stories of how the family intermarried from royal families from all over Europe. There was a private collection of artwork inside which we got to see (but they did not allow picture taking).


I love vignettes of doors and windows.

braunfels_castle_jar_concengco_07 braunfels_castle_jar_concengco_08

This was the view from the castle. It was important back in the day that the castle was positioned on top of a hill so you get a view of your enemies or visitors arriving. braunfels_castle_jar_concengco_09 braunfels_castle_jar_concengco_10

We walked down the small town which was really like walking into a time machine back into the old world.

braunfels_castle_jar_concengco_11 braunfels_castle_jar_concengco_12

They even had a pillory which was a typical public punishment tool they used before where they would stick the offender’s head and hands in the holes. Offenders usually would be women who were caught cheating on their husbands (never husbands cheating on their wives, go figure), thieves and homosexuals.


Another place that we got to visit was the university town of Marburg. It’s known for its stairs and alleys (as you’ll see). German mythologist Jacob Grimm (who you may know as the author of tales like Hansel and Gretel) studied in the University of Marburg in 1802. He commented on the town’s streets: “I believe there are more steps in the streets than in the houses.”

This photo is of the Lahn river that cuts right through Marburg (how wonderful it would have been to canoe it during a summer day):


This is a door by St. Elizabeths’ Church in Marburg:marburg_jar_concengco_02

It was pretty magnificent inside the cathedral:marburg_jar_concengco_03

The organ was modern:


Another door on the main side of the cathedral:


There’s a graveyard if you go up the stairs:


I loved the city lamps:


Thanks Sharllene for taking this of me! I don’t get a lot of pics of myself on travels so I love this!marburg_jar_concengco_08

What I was shooting:


The start of our trek up into Marburg. This used to be a place where horses rested and drank water:


The group I was with was equipped with Leica cameras:


A colorful house:


A Grimm’s Brothers tale called The Wolf and the 7 Baby Goats:marburg_jar_concengco_13

A cafe:


The only two Filipinos who attended Leica’s launch of the Leica SL – me and Sharllene of Leica Philippines (this was at the Marburg Square):


Hussel, a store in Marburg that sold chocolate and cookies made in Germany:marburg_jar_concengco_17

My son loves gingerbread man cookies! So I got him several of these:marburg_jar_concengco_18

A beautiful scene that showcases the stairs and alleys of Marburg:marburg_jar_concengco_19

Another door/window shot:


I bought a coat hanger and a wooden fish shaped trivet from this store:marburg_jar_concengco_21

This is the coat hanger (funny story: contrary to what I thought, it did not fit in my luggage. So, I had to hand carry it.)

Coat Hanger Marburg

Store owner said this was handmade in Finland. Smelled so good!

Trivet Marburg

If I could fit this in my luggage, I would have bought this chair! It’s so simple and beautiful!marburg_jar_concengco_22 marburg_jar_concengco_23 marburg_jar_concengco_24

This too!


An intricate building:


The restaurant we ate at was a German restaurant in a building built way back in 1600.marburg_jar_concengco_16

Here’s a painting of the restaurant we ate at:

marburg_jar_concengco_26 marburg_jar_concengco_27

The view at the top of Marburg. We had to take an elevator down to get back to our bus:marburg_jar_concengco_28

In Part 3 of my Germany trip, I’ll include Leitz Park and Frankfurt.

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  1. Erdie says:

    …beautiful shots as expected from a Pro. How I wish i could take pictures like that

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