Bon Chon’s New Krazy Ko-Dog

I remember the times while I was in San Francisco and my buddies and I would walk several blocks just to buy a hot dog from this stand called “What’s Up Dog”. Hot Dogs in the Philippines (especially the grocery kind) are so different. They’re colored so red and taste different. So I kind of stayed away from hotdogs until now.

I attended the pre-production meeting for Bon Chon’s new idea of a Korean inspired hot dog on an empty stomach! My mistake! What a great idea and it had me craving until just recently when I finally got try it.

There are two flavors: Bacon Kimchi and Cheesy Potato. The hotdog is covered in a crunchy breading and topped with either bacon and kimchi or cheese and potato strings. Each Ko-Dog is PHP89. I finally have a place to go to for my hotdog fix!

I photographed these dogs for their new campaign:

bonchon kodog bonchon kodog Bon Chon Ko-Dog_jarconcengco_03

Also, while we’re on the topic of hotdogs and Korea, here’s a photo of a hotdog covered in french fries found on the streets of Myeongdong:

Myeongdong hotdog covered fries


Photographs by jar concengco.

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