Stargate People Asia – People Of The Year

As Stargate People Asia awards their People Of The Year to the deserving recipients tonight at Sofitel, I’d like to share some of the photos I took for their POY issue.

People Asia POY2015

Conchita Carpio-Morales, Ombudsman

makeup/hair: eddie mar cabiltes

“If someone tells me that I’m too old for my job, I’m affected. Because I’m not! There are some people who are very young and yet are ineffective, inefficient and even corrupt! For as long
as I’m ruled by my conscience, that’s what counts.” – Conchita Carpio Morales, Ombudsman

Conchita Carpio Morales People Asia

A behind the scenes shot with writer Kap Agila interviewing the Ombudsman:

conchita_morales_people_asia_jar_concengco01 conchita_morales_people_asia_jar_concengco02 conchita_morales_people_asia_jar_concengco03 conchita_morales_people_asia_jar_concengco04

Jorge Araneta, Araneta Group Chairman and CEO

grooming: ruel papa

“For us it’s not work. It’s something we like to do and look forward to doing every day” – Jorge Araneta, Araneta Group Chairman and CEO

Jorge Araneta People Asia

jorge_araneta_people_asia_jar_concengco03 jorge_araneta_people_asia_jar_concengco04 jorge_araneta_people_asia_jar_concengco02 jorge_araneta_people_asia_jar_concengco01


Vicky Morales-Reyno, Journalist

“I like to give the news a positive spin because that’s really who I am as a person. News has enough bad news as it is. So it’s really my choice to focus on the positive.” – Vicky Morales-Reyno

Vicky Morales People Asia

vicky_morales_people_asia_jar_concengco01 vicky_morales_people_asia_jar_concengco02vicky_morales_people_asia_jar_concengco03

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