Metro Society – Viva La Vie Boheme

My first assignment with Metro Society was such a high: an intimate dinner prepared by chef Victor Magsaysay at designer Eric Paras’ home.

metro_society_december_2015_jar_concengco_01 metro_society_december_2015_jar_concengco_02

You couldn’t expect any less from Eric Paras’ home:

metro_society_december_2015_jar_concengco_03 metro_society_december_2015_jar_concengco_04

Food would be served on these plates that are about a thousand years old! They were found in a sunken ship. Now, that’s a conversation piece.

metro_society_december_2015_jar_concengco_05 metro_society_december_2015_jar_concengco_06 metro_society_december_2015_jar_concengco_07

Silk napkins by Viven Ramsay:

metro_society_december_2015_jar_concengco_08 metro_society_december_2015_jar_concengco_09

Chef Victor preparing his famous risotto creation using carabao’s milk.metro_society_december_2015_jar_concengco_10

Pork loin stuffed with mango:metro_society_december_2015_jar_concengco_11

Smoked fish with alugbati:metro_society_december_2015_jar_concengco_12

The risotto with sweet potato:


Big thank you to Anna Rosete for tagging me along!


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