My Leica SL Story and Photos in the latest Vault Magazine

It took me awhile to find a copy of Vault. I visited about 4 National Bookstores before I found a copy (it has been on the stands since December). So make sure you grab a copy if you find one! These are going, going, gone.

I was thrilled to see the photos I took in Wetzlar, Germany. I also had the opportunity to write the article for this feature.



Here are some more photos of the beautiful architecture at Leitz Park in Wetzlar, Germany. If you took an aerial shot of the architecture, you’d actually see the shape of a camera.leitz_park_wetzlar_jarconcengco_01 leitz_park_wetzlar_jarconcengco_02 leitz_park_wetzlar_jarconcengco_03 leitz_park_wetzlar_jarconcengco_04 leitz_park_wetzlar_jarconcengco_05 leitz_park_wetzlar_jarconcengco_06

The Cafe Leitz (I wish I could go back and have a cup of coffee):

leitz_park_wetzlar_jarconcengco_07 leitz_park_wetzlar_jarconcengco_08 leitz_park_wetzlar_jarconcengco_09 leitz_park_wetzlar_jarconcengco_10

AP Photographer Nick Ut looking through the gallery of photos taken on a Leica at Cafe Leitz:leitz_park_wetzlar_jarconcengco_11

Kauffman and Kaltner discussing the features of the Leica SL:leitz_park_wetzlar_jarconcengco_12 leitz_park_wetzlar_jarconcengco_13

Stefan David:


Nick Ut and I:


All white everything:

leitz_park_wetzlar_jarconcengco_16 leitz_park_wetzlar_jarconcengco_17 leitz_park_wetzlar_jarconcengco_18 leitz_park_wetzlar_jarconcengco_19 leitz_park_wetzlar_jarconcengco_20

The event overflowed with canapés:


Performor Randolph Matthews opened the event:leitz_park_wetzlar_jarconcengco_22

CEO and President Olivier Kaltner:leitz_park_wetzlar_jarconcengco_23

People got their hands on the new Leica SL:


Sharllene Ramos of Leica Philippines:leitz_park_wetzlar_jarconcengco_25 leitz_park_wetzlar_jarconcengco_26

Edward Teo from Singapore’s Clubsnap trying out the Leica SL:


I got to try out the Leica SL as well and was impressed with its quality:leitz_park_wetzlar_jarconcengco_28

leitz_park_wetzlar_jarconcengco_29 leitz_park_wetzlar_jarconcengco_30

There is also a factory tour that we got to go on to see the processes each Leica camera goes through to ensure quality:


A gallery of Leica cameras:

leitz_park_wetzlar_jarconcengco_32    leitz_park_wetzlar_jarconcengco_36

Thank you to Leica Philippines, Vault Magazine, and Executive Class.

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