Smile Magazine: Thrill of the Grill

I’ll be on board with those of you who will be flying with Cebu Pacific this month through their inflight magazine Smile Magazine (see the full issue here). I photographed chef JP Anglo (of Sarsa) and mouth watering grilled dishes he prepared for us. Let me know if you see it while you’re on your flight!

article by: tata mapa

grooming: renen bautista

Smile_Magazine_JP_Anglo_jarconcengco_01 Smile_Magazine_JP_Anglo_jarconcengco_02 Smile_Magazine_JP_Anglo_jarconcengco_03 Smile_Magazine_JP_Anglo_jarconcengco_04 Smile_Magazine_JP_Anglo_jarconcengco_05 Smile_Magazine_JP_Anglo_jarconcengco_06


An outtake of JP’s portrait:Smile_Magazine_JP_Anglo_jarconcengco_07

The team shot:


Thank you so much, Smile Magazine!

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