Treasures From The Italian Kitchen

Vault magazine‘s latest issue (2013 No 2) is the Italy issue. I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph the most delicious portion of the magazine (The Palate Section, of course) and followed the Vault team as they searched for the most authentic Italian dishes in the country. We got to visit 3 restaurants, one with … Continue reading

Vault Magazine

photography by jar concengco

ABS-CBN launched a new luxury magazine for men at Members Only at the Fort. The magazine is available now in all bookstores (National Bookstore, Fully Booked, etc) so please check it out! Not only that, it’s also available on your iPad (through Zinio). Because of this, it’s the first ever magazine to be launched simultaneously in … Continue reading

Metro Magazine – Vanessa Figueroa

photography by jar concengco

Ooooh.. This one’s late. I’m sure you won’t be able to find the November issue of Metro Magazine on the racks anymore. But chances are, if you’re just around town, you probably already have this issue as Metro Magazine is one of the most circulated fashion mags out there. For this issue, Metro Magazine’s Geolette … Continue reading

Provident Village – 1 Year After Ondoy

About a year from today, the Philippines was hit by a tropical storm, bringing in the worst rainfall in Metro Manila ever. Internationally known as Ketsana and locally known as Ondoy, this storm turned out to be the deadliest, killing 747 people and destroying about P6 Billion in properties. Of course, on that day, no one … Continue reading

Ernie Lopez, Head of ABS-CBN Publishing

photography by jar concengco

Adobo Magazine featured Mr. Ernie Lopez, Head of ABS-CBN Publishing in their latest issue and I had the pleasure of listening in on their interview and, of course, photographing him. It turns out that Mr. Lopez went to school in San Francisco (St. Ignatius), and it’s always cool to find out someone’s from the Bay. … Continue reading