Bon Chon’s New Krazy Ko-Dog

I remember the times while I was in San Francisco and my buddies and I would walk several blocks just to buy a hot dog from this stand called “What’s Up Dog”. Hot Dogs in the Philippines (especially the grocery kind) are so different. They’re colored so red and taste different. So I kind of … Continue reading

Clams and Bacon


I love the combination of clams and bacon. I remember when I ate at The Ramp in San Francisco, I got this one clam dish with bacon and jalapeño that was so good. I crave for it! Too bad I can’t find too many jalapeños here in the Philippines.   And that’s when I really … Continue reading

Bonjour! My Weekend with 50 Feasts

While some enjoy a weekend getaway or a massage to unwind (though I wouldn’t pass up on these things!), I prefer doing what I do for a living: photography. This past weekend I got to be a student again. It was an opportunity to unlearn bad habits I’ve acquired, and relearn from a great mentor, … Continue reading