Treasures From The Italian Kitchen

Vault magazine‘s latest issue (2013 No 2) is the Italy issue. I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph the most delicious portion of the magazine (The Palate Section, of course) and followed the Vault team as they searched for the most authentic Italian dishes in the country. We got to visit 3 restaurants, one with … Continue reading

Food at Hyatt Hotel Manila

It was my first time at Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila I came in early (fearing I might get lost along the way). Chef Johann Dreisgner greeted me and was shocked that I was early, mentioning that usually everyone waits for the photographer at the shoot. *whew* We got to work right away. Here’s a … Continue reading

Jennifer Lee in UNO Magazine Dec-Jan 2013

photography jar concengco

Read an article recently about why a chef in San Francisco decided to never dine out in a restaurant ever again (written by Samin Nosrat for 7×7 Magazine). She just believed that having friends over for dinner was just more comfortable and more satisfying. “I’ve found that when people sit down for dinner together at … Continue reading

Culinary Alchemy

photo by jar concengco

  For someone who’s closest encounter to molecular gastronomy is the microwave (not even sure if that counts), this feature was such an assault of the senses. I mean, to see liquid balsamic vinegar turn into pearls in front of your eyes, or have foam (isn’t that just air?) taste absolutely wonderful is just a … Continue reading

City Bites Magazine’s most ambitious cover to date

photography by jar concengco

For those of you who are certified foodies in Manila, I’m sure you’ve heard of City Delivery. They produce a menu magazine called City Bites which they asked me to shoot the cover for. When they first asked me to do this, they had a number of chefs that were confirmed for the shoot. And … Continue reading