Chad and Natasha Davis in Multisport Magazine

Photographed husband and wife triathlon duo Chad and Natasha Davis for Multisport  Magazine’s “By The Numbers” feature. Another fun fact is their both from Adelaide, Australia! (Don’t know many from that area except for some of my family members who settled there.) Here’s an outtake of our shoot:   Thank you Eric and Pepi! follow … Continue reading

Chef’s Noodle 2014

To start the year, Chef’s Noodle wanted fresh photos of their dishes and their newest group meals. For this, I teamed up with food stylist Sharlene Tan. Take a look at some of the dishes: Chef’s Noodle: Starking Fire Sushi: Curry Donburi: One of my personal favorite dishes, Bibim Noodle (it’s spicy!): Bibimbap: And a … Continue reading

Joyce Pring

  I photographed Joyce Pring for a site called Sister Secrets (for interview and more photos, please check out the site). You probably know Joyce for her youthful take as a MYX VJ a few years back, or if you’re in college because she’s hosted for an event at your school. Joyce is super fresh to work … Continue reading

Curio Magazine – The Professionals and Enduring Legacies

      A new magazine you can find free at Starbucks, Coffee Bean, banks, hotels, high end salons, and at Timeline stores nationwide is out and is called Curio (click the link to find out more about the magazine).   “CURIO: (attenuated) from the French word curiosité, is defined as a small and complex object, … Continue reading

My first Cinemagraphs

photo by jar concengco

A couple years back on the Greige blog (for some reason, I can’t seem to search through their blog), I saw a photo of Coco Rocha sitting on a table and her feet and dress were moving while everything else stayed still. I thought it was so cool. And I didn’t know until recently it … Continue reading