My favorite spots in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is nestled in between some mountains in northern Thailand and enjoys a cooler climate. It’s very different from the bustling capital of Thailand: Bangkok. You won’t be seeing skyscrapers, traffic is hardly existent (at least while we were there), and there aren’t gigantic malls every corner (there were about 2 that I passed … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: My visit to a Gawad Kalinga Housing Development

Some years ago, I was asked by People Asia Magazine to photograph some families in a Gawad Kalinga Housing Development in Novaliches. It was my very first time and it opened my eyes to what great things Gawad Kalinga does for communities. The particular community that we visited was sponsored by KLM airlines.   

4 Things To Definitely Do In Seoul

photo by jar concengco

I’m fresh from a trip to Seoul and off the bat I can think of 4 things that I really enjoyed doing. If I had another chance to a trip there, these are the things I would explore again. As always, I scoured the net for everything Seoul before my trip so I can make … Continue reading

Down Memory Lane

photography by

This was the theme of the 70th birthday of Carmen Ong Redito. This get-together also doubled up as an opportunity for the Ong family to reunite and see each other once more. Lola Carmen (looking great at 70 by the way) and her family flew from Chicago to be with their relatives on this special … Continue reading

Amy Perez for HIPP Magazine

I enjoyed watching Amy Perez on a popular variety show years back. And it was a pleasure for me to be able to photograph her and her family for HIPP Magazine. After shooting, I stuck around to listen to Amy’s interview with the magazine and found that I couldn’t get off my seat! She’s an … Continue reading