Kyoto with Kids

The first and last time I was in Kyoto was 10 years ago and I wasn’t married or had kids yet. And that trip was so different to this trip for many reasons from accommodations (I stayed in a ryokan 10 years ago and I can’t do that anymore!), to places to go (they have … Continue reading

Antonio’s Lanai Lounge in Metro Home

  In Metro Home‘s latest issue, they asked me if I’d be interested to photograph Antonio’s Lanai Lounge in Tagaytay. Honestly, I didn’t have to think twice about it. It’s Antonio’s! You can’t get better than that. It wasn’t my first time in Antonio’s but it was my first time to see their Lanai Lounge. … Continue reading

Alli & Ella 2013

photo by jar concengco

I’ve worked with children before and I knew that one important factor for a successful shoot is to gather a team that knows how to deal with children as well. I deliberately chose other parents to be stylist and makeup for the shoot. And I’ve got to say that everything worked out! Thank you to … Continue reading

Albert and Pia’s Wedding Invite

We received the invites, Albert and Pia! So excited for you two! Loved how the invites turned out. See you next week! See Albert and Pia’s full engagement session here.

Engagement: Albert + Pia

photo by jar concengco

Pia has been a friend of mine for about a decade now (wow, has it been that long?!). And it’s amazing to see her the happiest she’s been. I’m so happy to be the one to capture these photos of her and Albert. Congrats you guys! Now… can’t wait for your big day! photos: jar … Continue reading