BonChon Chicken’s New Crunchy Garlic Seafood

Just wanted to put a quick entry on the blog since this is so fresh! BonChon Philippines just released their newest seafood flavor: Crunchy Garlic (which was a flavor previously only available for chicken). Worked on this with food stylist Giannina Gonzalez at BonChon Philippines’ headquarters. Thank you to the whole team at BonChon! Here’s … Continue reading

My work with food stylist Giannina Gonzalez

I’ve worked with food stylist Giannina Gonzalez before, but this recent project called for a lot more attention. We were hired by Chef’s Noodle (it’s my 2nd time working with them. I love them. Working with them means tasting their food as well, and it’s soooo good.). Photographed these inside the restaurant’s kitchen. So you … Continue reading

2010: A Year In Pictures

photography by jar concengco

You’re all probably looking at your calendars and thinking, wait, 2010 is way over. It is, I know! But it was such a great year. Like in any relationship you’re bidding farewell to, you need closure to face what’s ahead. And in this case, by closure, I mean having a heart to heart talk with … Continue reading

Food Photography

Because sometimes…. we need some food. 🙂 For my full portfolio on food, interiors and products, please visit: Food stylist: Giannina Gonzalez Kalamata olives: Calamari with 2 South Asian dips: Pasta Buenisimo: Grape Salad with Grilled White Cheese: Gino’s Molten Chocolate Cake with Rum Raisin Gelato:

Food Styling

I worked with Ms. Giannina Gonzales of the Center for Asian Culinary Studies and took pictures of some of her students’ work with food styling (one of her students being China Cojuangco). It was real interesting to be in the same kitchen while the students were styling their food. After shooting some of the food, … Continue reading