Tokyo In Winter with Kids

We were really itching to go traveling one last time before my wife gets too far into her pregnancy to get on a plane. I was so glad that we chose to go to Japan again (we went earlier this year as well) since it’s a relatively short trip from Manila and so easy to … Continue reading

Working Mom’s Father’s Day Special

I have to say, I really was looking forward to being a father. I love kids! By the time I was 15, I had nephews and nieces that I babysat and enjoyed taking care of. I loved finding fun stuff for us to do whether it was baking a cake together or going to the park. … Continue reading

My favorite spots in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is nestled in between some mountains in northern Thailand and enjoys a cooler climate. It’s very different from the bustling capital of Thailand: Bangkok. You won’t be seeing skyscrapers, traffic is hardly existent (at least while we were there), and there aren’t gigantic malls every corner (there were about 2 that I passed … Continue reading

Diego for Piccino

Stylist and designer friend Ivy Nakar is venturing into designing for our little ones under the label Piccino. She asked if my son Diego can model a few of her designs and at first I was reluctant (since Diego usually doesn’t really cooperate when I wanted to photograph him at home, what more in a shoot?!). On … Continue reading

Alli & Ella 2013

photo by jar concengco

I’ve worked with children before and I knew that one important factor for a successful shoot is to gather a team that knows how to deal with children as well. I deliberately chose other parents to be stylist and makeup for the shoot. And I’ve got to say that everything worked out! Thank you to … Continue reading