Bon Chon’s New Krazy Ko-Dog

I remember the times while I was in San Francisco and my buddies and I would walk several blocks just to buy a hot dog from this stand called “What’s Up Dog”. Hot Dogs in the Philippines (especially the grocery kind) are so different. They’re colored so red and taste different. So I kind of … Continue reading

3 Restaurants I Sought Out in Seoul

Since we stayed at Ibis Ambassador Hotel situated right in the shopping district of Myeongdong, I knew that we wouldn’t have a hard time finding a restaurant. But there were three restaurants that I really wanted to try in Seoul even 3 months before the trip. Before we start, here’s a video of the highlights … Continue reading

Korean food, anyone?

photo by jar concengco

This recent project that I photographed for a Korean franchise called Chef’s Noodle (they have 60 branches in Korea) has made me a fan of the Korean cuisine. A great perk for photographing food is you get to taste them, so you can imagine my delight (and my waistline). Congratulations to Chef’s Noodle for their … Continue reading