People Asia: Women of Style and Substance 2015

So happy to have been able to photograph a handful of the women who were recognized to have both style and substance this year for People Asia. Last night, they held an event at the Marriott (which I wasn’t able to attend unfortunately).  So since I wasn’t there in person, I’m posting this to celebrate these women in all that they do!

Photography: Jar Concengco

Art Direction: Ramon Ruiz

Styling: Luis Espiritu

Linda Ley (makeup: Ria Aquino / hair: Jet Babas)

People Asia WSS Linda Ley

Linda Ley 01

Shaira Luna (makeup: Floe Tapayan / hair: Hyatt Laurel):

People Asia WSS Shaira Luna

Shaira Luna 01Shaira Luna 03

Marie Lozano (makeup: Ria Aquino / hair: Jet Babas):

People Asia WSS Marie LozanoMarie Lozano 01

A behind the scenes phot of the “flat lay” shot:Marie Lozano 03Marie Lozano 02

Side note about Marie, actor Hugh Jackman recently posted a photo with her on Facebook with this caption: “Today I had the great pleasure of meeting this lovely lady, Marie Lozano, from the Philippines. Her brother, Jeffrey had Down Syndrome. He passed away 2 years ago. Marie shared with me that one of Jeffrey’s joys in life was painting. When he lost the use of his hands, he continued to paint with the brush in his mouth. This is one of his pieces. I accept this gift in Jeffrey’s honor. May his spirit live on.”

Marie Lozano and Hugh Jackman


Jean De Castro (makeup: Sari Campos / hair: Jet Babas) :

People Asia WSS Jean De Castro    Jean De Castro 02

Shawn Yao (makeup: Ria Aquino / hair: Hyatt Laurel):

People Asia WSS Shawn Yao         Shawn Yao 01 Shawn Yao 02

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